Angela PanditAngela's Journey: Arthritis at 14
Angela Pandit has a chance to make a life for herself, even as she lives with juvenile idiopathic arthritis. [Read more]

Gemma McMillanNew Army of Cancer Fighters
Gemma McMillan found and received immunotherapy, a new form of treatment at Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey. [Read more]

Cochlear implant articleThe Gift of Hearing
Annabella Macias’ dramatic transformation from profound hearing loss to hearing is the result of cochlear implants and the Pediatric Cochlear Implant Team at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. [Read more]

Anthony SpadoraPerfect Timing
“I am tremendously grateful to Dr. Shey and the oncology team at Rutgers Cancer Institute for their skills,” said cancer survivor Tony Spadora. [Read more]

Kriss FierroCalm Courage in a Storm of Cancer
Every once in a while, there is a cancer patient who stands out from the rest. This is the story of Kriss Fierro, a 34-year-old mother who was diagnosed with breast cancer. [Read more]

Christina BlumsteinTurning Point: Recovering from Stroke to Dance Again
No one knew that Christina Blumstein had been born with an arteriovenous malformation (AVM) , a rare clump of small, abnormal blood vessels in her brain. Christina’s AVM ruptured, causing the 13-year-old to suffer a stroke.  [Read more]

Kelsey FlaniganAfter Brain Surgery, Kelsey Flanigan Pushes On
Kelsey Flanigan had to put her dreams on hold. This young woman who’d never been sick a day in her life, who exercised, kickboxed, practiced yoga, and ate a vegan diet to stay healthy, was diagnosed with a brain tumor: a grade III astrocytoma. [Read more]

Jerry Williamson and Dr. HeirPain Relief
Jerry Williamson's agonizing jaw pain was greatly reduced with treatment from Gary Heir, clinical director of the Center for Temporomandibular Disorders and Orofacial Pain at Rutgers School of Dental Medicine. [Read more]

Brenda RossiExpanding Lifesaving Options
Brenda Rossi was not a candidate for a traditional aortic valve replacement. Fortunately, the Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School faculty physicians had other plans. [Read more]