Rutgers supports nearly 350 clinical trials at any given time, engaging patients, clinicians, and researchers at Rutgers and from industry. As a clinical trial research volunteer, you can be a partner in health care discovery. Participating in a clinical trial may enable you to

  • play a more active role in your own care;
  • gain access to new research treatments before they are widely available;
  • help others by contributing to medical research.

Rutgers Clinical Trials

Clinical trials at Rutgers are largely conducted through Rutgers schools, centers, and institutes. You can find clinical trials through our Clinical Research Organization, the gateway to our statewide clinical trial activities for Rutgers Health patients and for researchers and investigators. The organization facilitates collaboration between industry and academia in designing and implementing clinical trials and helps patients find clinical trials at Rutgers.

Information about clinical trials for cancer can be found at


Clinical Trials for Cancer